Who we are.

Pegasus Gaming Solutions is Microgaming's consulting division.

The Pegasus team is a group of online gaming industry veterans. For each project, we build a task force of experts, so you get the most targeted and relevant information available from any gaming consultancy. It's like having all the staff from a successful online casino in your back pocket.

Although, we do ask that you give them back at the end of the project!

Strategy is underpinned by capability.

The best strategy in the world will fail if not executed well. 

In the immortal words of Elvis Presley, "A little less conversation, a little more action."

Build. Operate. Transfer.

We operate using a BOT system, short for Build - Operate - Transfer. In our world, what this means is that we will help you build your company from the ground up, work with you to launch and run it for a while, then pass the reins completely to you.

You will retain ownership of everything.

Of course, every project is different. Sometimes the companies we work with have established businesses, and we just swoop in to help them figure out their data and fix any gaps in their processes. Sometimes an online casino is just a gleam in the CEO's eye.
Your Pegasus team will be shaped with your needs in mind.